First. Post. Ever.


So I’m kind of new to the blog thing, but here goes … This blog will be a record, both of my thoughts (as irrelevant as they may be), and my craft ideas. And I’ve got a LOT of those, my friends. It’s like a horn of plenty (those Thanksgiving dealies) up there in my skull. Only instead of, y’know, fruit and grains, it’s like patterns for sock puppets or 101 uses for papier mache.

But yeah, that’s what I’ll be putting up here. As for now, I am still a prisoner of Edmonton. Where hockey jersey designers are our most acclaimed cultural workers. Bored much? Well, yes, I am. Funny you should ask.

No matter. Devious plans are in place to send me to Toronto. Nefarious ones even. (Oh, maybe that deserved a spoiler alert.)

Anyway. Got a science test tomorrow. Back with more crafts soon.


One response to “First. Post. Ever.

  1. Marcels, tough to read for an old guy…but loved it. Keep it up!
    XX Howard Morris

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