Rock your socks in the Year of the Ox

Okay, so Chinese New Year has passed. Not that you’d notice around here. And it’s the Year of the Ox, which is supposed to be all about hard work and so on.

But will all this hard work lead to good fortune? Here’s an idea for a craft that might help.

chakra-kundalini-custom1According to my research, being spiritually successful, as in rich, is all about having open chakras.  These are invisible energy centres, and they can get blocked or they can leak.  When that happens with the head chakras, as in the top two (so highly spiritual), what you want is grounding.  And what’s more groundedthan rocks and socks? [I know, I blending my Asian cultures here. It’s like Asian fusion.]


1) Take two socks and overlap toes.

2) Take one round, flat, spiritual-looking rock. Paint a fish or spiral, etc, on it. Sew a spiral through overlapped socks but leave top open so rock can fit inside.

3) Insert rock. Lie down and put Sockra on forehead so rock is between eyebrows opening your sixth chakra. Have important vision.



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