A bowl perfect for Elton John

Elton John 1Alright. New week, new craft. And all this talk of SuperBowls has the soup-and-cereal containers on my mind.

Have you got old books? Sure, you do. This world is filled with old books. We’re reading the same novels in school that our parents and grandparents are. What can we do with all these old books?

Simple answer: eat out of them.

Old BooksCircle of Life Bowl

1) Take one outdated book (guy goes on quest, guy becomes manly man, guy offs himself after failing manly-manness, etc.)

2) Rip into tiny pieces. (This is the best part.)

3) Add enough water to cover the paper, and soak overnight.

4) Add two cups of shredded newsprint, more water. Boil, then simmer for two hours. Add water as need to keep things sludgey. Turn off heat and leave to cool.

5) One cup at a time, throw sludge in blender and pulse until pulpy. Throw pulp into big bowl. (I know. You need a bowl to make a bowl? Just do it.)

6) Add 3/4 cup of white glue to pulp and mix with hands.

7) Press mixture into wire strainer, making rim a bit thicker. Roll an orange inside if you want it nice and even. Leave to dry overnight and next day if necessary.

8) Carefully press outside of strainer to release bowl. (That should be an ‘8,’ not a happy face. I don’t get it.)

9) If you want it to last a while, coat with varnish.


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