Making a Marcel

Christian BaleSo, let’s say you did something bad. Something you need too apologize for. Like, for instance, you forgot your stepmom’s birthday. Or you got really mad at your director of photography or something.

Here’s something that can help you out. A forgiving sock creature.

Marcel, the forgiving sock creature

I used baby socks for these and they’re tres cute. Bugger socks work fine, but the bigger your creature, the lower its cuteness factor. (I’m not saying it’s right. It’s just the way it is.)

Marcel1) Cut about 1/3 up the sock.

2) Pull toe into hat.

3) Tack down hat with a few stitches.

4) Add stuffing to head, and stretch a bit of sock face into mouth.

5) Add buttons for eyes or make paper eyes. Whatever you use, sew ’em on. Glue will never last.

6) Add more stuffing for legs and sew them up.


2 responses to “Making a Marcel

  1. Enjoyed the blog.

    You maybe want to check on the sock reference above. I spent far too long trying to work out what you meant.

  2. Release of Forgiving Sock Creature into Toronto Transit Commission subway car, Kipling station, June 17, 2009.
    I read about making a sock creature in The Mitochondrial Curiosities and made a cute little varmint with a pink chapeau. I decided he should travel to a new home, so I wrote a little note that said “Please Take Me Home” and put it on an elastic around the little creature’s neck. Then I got on the subway (I live in Toronto) and went to the end of the Bloor line at Kipling and when everyone else got off, I sat the creature down and took some photos. I wrote a note on the instruction card encouraging whoever finds the forgiving creature to post on Dree’s Craft Blog.
    Please! Post if you found the varmint with the pink hat and grey moustache!

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