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Band of hope and regret

Prepare thyself for extreme versatility.  The BoHaR can be fashioned from any lateral hair device.  Also it speaks.  Say you’re waiting for the #81, a bus that might never come because this is Edmonton, and you’re standing in the shelter because it’s minus 50, and someone’s quietly weeping on the bench behind you.  No, you don’t really want to find out what’s wrong and anyway there’s nothing hopeful to say because, again, it’s February in Edmonton.  What to do?  Why, you pluck something off your head and give it to them.  They unroll thing, smile poignantly and decide, no, they will not throw themselves under the bus if it ever bloody well comes.

Band of Hope and Regret

One headband

A narrow elastic

Paper and pen

1) From an old fleece jacket or vest or whatever, cut two rectangles: 2 inches x the circumference of your head.

2) Blanket-stitch rectangles together around edges.

3) Cut 6-inch strip of elastic.

4) Position elastic down centre of band, same distance from either end. Tack elastic down every inch or so. Don’t get all tortured about precision.

5) Cut or rip paper into little rectangles. Write hopeful and encouraging things, such as You’re doing really well, and I’m so sorry. Roll messages up and insert under elastic.

6) Sew ends of band together.Elastic

7) Wear band on head and hand out messages at bus stops et cetera. No need for eye contact or talking.