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Treasure Island

‘Isn’t it funny how pirates spent their lives on the seas searching for treasure, when the real treasure was the experiences they had together?’

treasureGo ahead, people. Scoff. Treasure Hunt sounds tres lame, I’m not saying it doesn’t, but who cares about terminology? And technically — technically — maybe it’s not a craft. But Treasure Hunts mean

1) several clues in public places

2) random prizes

3) fun!

4) secret cleverness

My father was a TH genius.

For your own TH:

1) Put Clue #1 on Facebook or hand it to people if everyone’s starting together. Let’s say place #1 is the Ghandi statue outside the town library. Clue #1 could say: Rhymes with candy (sort of).Gandhi

2) At the Ghandi statue, you’ll hide clue #2. And so on.

3) If you know how many people will be playing, you can leave little prizes. Leonard loved to put candy in Dante’s nose. Most of the time the prizes will still be there. Good places in Edmonton are pamphlet racks at city hall, plants in MacLab theatre and the sculpture in front of the Winspear.

Maybe it would be a good idea to wait until the spring thaw, but snow can be a good hiding spot, as well. Happy Hunting!